Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bradbury Thompson.

The designer I chose for my layout & book binding project is Bradbury Thompson (1911-1995). He was a graphic designer who brought many new innovative ideas to design in the twentieth century such as magazine layouts, a redesign of the Bible, and even a new alphabet that he called "Alphabet 26". But the best part? He's from Topeka, KS! My home state. I knew I'd love him as soon as I found this out, and especially when I found out he is known as the father of modern magazine design, as I have an interest in the field.

Next goal was to create three different two page layout spreads for our book about our designer, that included the 400 word essay we wrote on our designer.

Those are my three layouts pinned up for critique in class. I liked some elements of them and the first layout idea was my strongest design - but a lot of editing also needed to be done. I've already changed quite a bit about the first one trying to implement more of his work into the spreads. More progress to come on those.


Another project I'm excited to share is my screen printing from ART 133. While I had a love/hate relationship with the project, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I had many mistakes but during the process I realized that was bound to happen as it was 2 whole yards of fabric and it was my first print ever. We used a leapfrog technique to print it and the dye mixed methods that we had already learned about in class. Check out some pictures of my hand designed and printed fabric below.

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