Tuesday, September 3, 2013

today in typography.



video 1
Wim Crouwel's says he is very jealous of young designers because of all the possibilities "graphic design" means these days. He said on the other hand he isn't jealous because you have to find your way amongst all of the possibilities.
My favorite quote from the video he said was:
"Keep your radar turning and pick up everything you love".
I think in this short video he made two very great points. We have lots of possibility, but we have to seek what we love and know we are to find it. As a designer young designer this was inspiring to always seek what I am passionate about, and if I work hard there will be a possibility to pursue it.

video 2
The profile video on Wim Crouwel was very interesting to see how he relates with and produces design. For his designs, he is very focused on functionality. Many of his posters were designed with a detailed grid and one he even showed this grid. You could see how each piece fit perfectly into the grid. At times he tilted the grid, but followed it. He was really ahead of his time by always following the grid and this idea carried into the digital movements in design. This video was beneficial for me to see how successful and what beautiful designs he made by following the grid. While at times it was frustrating making our first typography assignment on just one grid over and over again, as designers we can't ignore the basics of design.

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