Tuesday, September 24, 2013

type projects.

Yesterday we turned in our first project for type class [ Visc 202 ] and I wanted to share my final layouts as well as the link to my behance which displays the final project.

This first project explored the design of 8" x 8" layouts using a grid to display the information of the Sunset & Sunrises for Lawrence on various dates. The body type we were required to use was given to us, and we were challenged on different phases of the project with different restrictions. All of the phases, starting with cut and paste and then moving to the computer, had to display the type in a visually pleasing way while also striving to use hierarchy in the design to easily flow the reader through the information. Below you can see my final seven layouts (2 from phase 1, 2 from phase 2, and 3 from phase 3). For the final turn-in we mounted these seven layouts on 12" x 12" presentation boards along with our process notebook of all of our process bound together.

 You can check out this project on my Behance site here. I will continually update my projects from this year on that site, so feel free to keep checking back at what else I'm working on.

During this project I was, and still am, obsessed with the new record "The Walking In Between" by Ben Rector. While it didn't directly influence any of my designs for this project, I listened to it over and over and over again while working on most of these layouts. Check it out.

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