Sunday, December 8, 2013

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In type class we've been working on designing magazine layout spreads, and were encouraged to watch the following videos to help with our project.

First we watched this TED talk by David Carson. This video was interesting because I had heard about David Carson broke all these rules in magazine and graphic design by basically doing whatever he wanted with the pictures, text, etc. rather than following the "rules". His magazine Ray Gun broke all of the rules, such as making the text legible in some layouts, and it was funny hearing him talk about the work. In one example he was showing, he couldn't even read what it was suppose to say. But the design spoke to him and said something about what he thought the text should say, so isn't he still successfully displaying the type? I think so. Unless I was the writer, in which I would probably be upset. He presented a new way of seeing and designing information.

The second video we watched was this Vimeo displaying the first issue of Katachi Heroine.
 This magazine includes some REALLY cool animation that pulls the reader in and so many interactive ways to get through the information in the magazine. It was inspiring to figure out how to do all these cool things with my iPad layout, so I'm hoping I can figure some of those things out.

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