Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jakob Trollback

Watching these videos on a talk by Jakob Trollback was a great intro into our motion graphic project. I thought it was interesting how he started by saying that the difference between motion and print design is storytelling and that as a motion graphic designer you focus on the storytelling of the great design. As a self taught designer he told about how he started out by copying other work as a designer when he was trying to learn the basics. And much like learning a new language, at the beginning you're not really saying anything. But once we become better designers - we need to learn to say something through our designs.

"I believe that creativity is a positive driving force for mankind."
He talked about getting other people involved with your design or marketing - and I think this is something really important to motion graphic design. How is the design connecting with people, and what makes them a part of it or interested in it?

He also mentioned that for his company if their design or idea doesn't work in print then they don't believe in doing it. Which I thought was really interesting, since for our project we are starting out by designing a book in print.

I thought it was interesting to hear his thoughts and tips on design and connecting with people before seeing his work, because they totally reflected how he works and how his motion graphics and videos were designed. Great talk to watch before starting our motion graphic project.

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