Thursday, February 27, 2014

packaging design

In one of my studios we started our new project this week, packaging design. To determine what object we'd be working with we drew small cheap "everyday" items from a bag, and I chose a kids harmonica toy.

 At first I was a little discouraged because it is VERY cheaply made and the sticker is poorly designed, but then I realized I get to design packaging for a kids toy - which is so fun. And I get to make the design better - so I shouldn't be discouraged by the current poor design!

So I started some research. And I found all of this hilariously wonderful videos of little kids playing harmonica: (click the pictures to link to the video)
This one makes me SO happy, you can't help but smile when watching this video!

So for part of our research we were suppose to decide how this product makes the customer feel. And after watching those videos of kids playing the harmonica, I had so much to work with. Check out my list:
like I wanna dance
like I wanna laugh
like smiling
like making NOISE
like being a star
attention getting 

And then I started researching packaging. More specifically toy packaging. Check out some of the inspiring pictures and packages I found --

I like the idea of my package having a more retro-toy vibe. I want the package to be attention grabbing to kids and their parents (who would be buying the toy) but kids' toys these days are almost TOO attention grabbing. They have bright colors and illustrations exploding everywhere - so a challenge for myself will be designing a package that is just as much appealing but not as much overwhelming. I think these retro inspirations are good examples of being simple while also bright and endearing.

I decided my primary audience for this toy had to be kids. The item was clearly designed for kids, and there wasn't really anyway around it. On my products original package, it says ages 4+, so I'm pretty much going to stick with that. My specific person from my target audience, however, is a seven year old girl in first grade, my sister :)

That's a picture of her dressed up in my clothes, so no worries she doesn't really drink Starbucks. But here is a little bit about her/my target audience:

Lauren is a seven-year-old girl who loves dressing up, running around, being outside, being loud, and tearing apart things in her older sister's room. Lauren has always enjoyed singing, dancing, and performing in front of her family or anyone who will watch. You can find her singing in the kitchen, in the bathtub, and pretty much anywhere she goes. She love being creative through drawing and making songs, so her mom bought her a toy harmonica to channel her creative energy into. Lauren absolutely loves her new harmonica and she takes it with her everywhere she goes. Shes loud and she's proud of every sound she makes, and she only annoys her family with the music (noise) most of the time. Lauren loves making music and beats, and this harmonica has caused her to start telling everyone she wants to be a musician when she grows up.

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