Monday, October 15, 2012

Project #2 Progressions

Our final prototype, poster, and movie are all due this thursday during BDS class. We have shot the movie, been working on the poster, and I am continually working on my process book. The one thing we do have done is our prototype. Since my blog has been very wordy lately, I'll share some photos of us building our prototype.

One of our first prototypes, and the one we based our final prototype off of.

Our other prototype. It also included some great ideas, but through interviews we
found the other cardboard prototype to have more innovative and useful ideas.

We built the base of the prototype using two layers of the original cutting board (painted red)
and foam core board in the center to create a greater width as well as a place for knife storage.

The outside anti-slip was formed by cutting a slit down plastic tubing
and editing it to fit perfectly around the outside edge of our board.

The edges didn't fit perfectly at first, so we had to cut and modify them.

After placing the tubing, we decided to paint it red as well.

The next step was applying the label stickers "Veggies" and "Bread".

Finally, we drew in the ruler using a sharpie and ruler.

For our movie, we thought of trying to make it funny but didn't come up with any good humorous ideas, nor did I think cutting board could be very funny. So when researching cutting board commercials and advertisements, I found a brand that advertised kitchen tools, specifically cutting boards, very well. You can watch some examples below:

Luckily my grandparents live in Lawrence, so we were able to shoot the film for the commercial in her clean kitchen and this way we had access to a dishwasher, veggies, bread, and a cabinet which were all necessary in our video.

[Musical Musings]
While creating this process notebook, I have become obsessed with a new band called, "The Lumineers". Not only that, but my recent download of Spotify has made it possible for me to listen to their whole album for free while designing. Some of their songs that I would suggest:
1] "Ho Hey" artist: the Lumineers
2] "Classy Girls" artist: the Lumineers
3] "Stubborn Love" artist: the Lumineers
Check them out on iTunes or Spotify, you won't regret it.

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