Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall is my favorite season of all

[Fall Findings]
Today was a great day, because today some friends and I went to the pumpkin patch. And being a lover of all things fall pumpkins, pumpkin spiced lattes, and friends were all I needed for a great afternoon. So after church we drove on out to the pumpkin patch for some fun.

No pumpkin patch experience is complete without a PSL

Along with being interested in Graphic Design, I absolutely love fashion and specifically fall fashion is one of my favorites. My friend Anna and I share this love, so we took some impromptu photos of our fall fashion outfits for our blog.

Shirt: Conversation Pieces (a site I found via pinterest)
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: H&M
Boots: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlie

These cotton-like tights from H&M came in a two pack of different shades
and are very comfy. Tights are a fall & winter staple item in my wardrobe.

My friend Anna is beautiful! And Italian. Double whammy.

I loved getting to take pictures with Anna's amazing camera. Maybe I will take a photo class after all.

We are the best of friends.
[Musical Musings]
So if you know me at all you probably know about my love for Taylor Swift. Because of that, I thought for this week's musical selection I'd share some of my favorite songs from her album. If you're not a big Swift fan, I'd suggest at least trying these out:
Red, 22, Stay Stay Stay, & Starlight

[BDS 101 Update]
In BDS we are working on our third project now, which is partially a group project. I am in a group of five people (including me) and we were given the word "intense" to work with. We are to create this word in 3D and arrange it somewhere on campus exemplifying the word itself. Last week, we researched the definition and did 20 sketches of 6" x 6" squares using typography to exemplify the word. I always find the definitions of words very interesting, for it always brings a new perspective. And although intense is not a verb, making it a little more difficult, I absolutely love our word we were given to work with.

Intense: (adj.)
-existing or occurring in a high or extreme degree
-of an extreme kind: very great, as in strength, keenness, severity, or the like
-having a characteristic quality in a high degree
-characterized by deep or forceful feelings
-highly concentrated
-forceful; severe
synonyms: fervent, PASSIONATE, ardent, strong, keen, powerful
antonyms: calm, dull, low-key, mild, moderate

I'll be updating you with my 20 sketches as well as progress on our group project soon.

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