Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Accomplishment & A Challenge

{First thing's first: my accomplishment.}
My poster was one of the chosen ones to be in the display case outside of our design studio! I was really excited and so was my friend Anna who is also in my class because her poster was chosen to be displayed as well.

My Chaco poster design is second from the left on the top row
Anna's, my friend and classmate, designed the ActionFit Earbud poster
second from the right on the bottom row.

It may seem small but it was an exciting accomplishment in my book! It was another affirmation that my change of major was not for nothing; I am meant to be a designer.

{Now, for the next challenge.} 
Our next project has already been underway for about a week now. While our last one was about displaying and designing a poster for a well-designed object, this next project is on the opposite side of the design spectrum. We will work in groups of three and our challenge is to re-design a poorly made object that is equivalent or less than $5. We must produce a poster, final prototype, and iMovie to advertise the new product.

{Step 1}
To start off, we were split into groups of three on the day we were told to bring three poorly designed objects. I brought a disposable razor, a mini light from my keys, and a tape dispenser. Out of all of the objects that my partners and I brought we narrowed it down to two options: the razor and a cheap cutting board. After much deliberation and talking to Tim, we decided upon re-designing the cutting board.


This particular cutting board was only $0.97 before tax at Walmart, and my group and I had many things we thought could be beneficially changed about it. We didn't like the handle and how hard it was to pick up, the rivets on the side didn't seem to be serving much of a purpose, and there weren't even rubber grips on the bottom to keep in place when in use. We did, however, like the size of it (it's not too big) and that it was plastic.

{Step 2}
Next we were told to make 50 sketches of the object including ideas and ways to re-design our project. Here is an example of some of mine:

{Top left corner}: adding lines or measurement to the board for ease in measuring while cooking
{Middle top}: a bendable handle for easier storage
{Top right corner}: a place to set your knife on the board during cooking, where it won't fall on the floor
{Middle far right}: some sort of drainage system through the handle
{Bottom row middle}: Some sort of storage when you open the board

Many ideas, prototypes, and interviews will be taken in order to get the best ideas possible and recreate this board in the best way possible.

{Happy thursday!}

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