Sunday, September 16, 2012

Concepts of Color & A Finished Product

In addition to finding examples of the color vocabulary, we also had another assignment on color called "The Color Police". For this assignment, we were told to bring an example of good and bad color to discuss in class. Here are my examples:

> Good color: For my example of good color, I found this magazine layout from a free handout magazine. I chose this because I liked the way the designer used colors from the photo on the left page within the design spread on the right. It helps the reader’s eyes see the pages go together. Additionally, I liked how the values of the colors on both page were harmonious, creating a harmonious layout. 

> Bad color: For my example of bad color I chose these two subscription inserts from Teen Vogue magazine. I found that both of them used color in obnoxious ways. For example, on the top one the designer used almost every color in the border creating your eye to jump to the border rather than the information inside and it is very overwhelming. The one on the bottom is more of bad design, but I did not like their use of color in the border again as well as the muliple different blues.

     After experimenting with many different colors, typography techniques, PhotoShop techniques, and moving around everything on the poster so many times I finally have my final product done.

This is my final product and I was even able to print, cut, and mount it on the 18" x 24" foam core last week with the help of my wonderful friend and classmate Anna Sabatini. I am still working on my process notebook, but it is coming along and will be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper in full color when I'm finished.

{Music Musings}
One of my favorite parts of my new major is the fact that I can listen to music while working on my homework (drawings, projects, etc.) Because of that I'd love to share with you some of my favorite songs I've been jammin' to while making this project. I've been in a Ben Rector and Mat Kearny phase during the past month, so those were types of artists that inspired some of my playlists.

1. Count on Me {artist: Mat Kearny}
2. Running Around in my Dreams {artist: Tyrone Wells}
3. Good Life {artist: One Republic}
4. White Dress {artist: Ben Rector}
5. Lasso {artist: Phoenix}
6. Awake My Soul {artist: Mumford & Sons}
7. My Heart is Yours {artist: The Levi denBok Band}
8. Feels Good at First {artist: Train}

While these weren't the only songs I listened to, they definitely made the mix more than once. I classify most of these songs in my "When You Wanna Chill" playlist. Feel free to check them out, and enjoy.

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