Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project 1, Out.

I have officially turned in my first project for the first time in the design program here at KU! Which is an exciting feeling. I am even more excited about how much I will learn and grow over the next four years of school. Like my instructor told us today, it can only go up from here and these first year projects will probably be some of our worst. (Which sounds negative, but I'm thinking of it in a positive I can only get better sort of way.)

My final poster hanging up in the class room.
Sorry for the bad photo quality #iPhone3GSprobs
We also turned in our process notebooks today. I really like the way mine turned out and I wanted to share a few screen shots of it:

The book was twenty-two pages in length and we were told to staple it together. So overall it was a pretty simple process book, and I really enjoyed getting to use InDesign to make it. When printing the book, the colors turned out much different than I wanted or expected. The green color in the book is the same color as in the poster, but it did not print that way. I just kind of had to go with it, though, because it was still an OK green color and I had already paid to have it printed. I'm a broke design student these days, so I kinda have to go with the flow.

{Fall Fashion}
This past weekend there was a contest via one of my favorite online shopping/blogging sites: ModCloth.
They Instagram'd a photo explaining to take a photo of you in one of your most chic looks and three of their chosen bloggers would choose three winners to win $100 ModCloth gift cards. More information on the contest can be found here. I figured there was no harm in trying so I submitted a photo of my own.

Nautical striped shirt: Forever 21
Tribal necklace: Charming Charlie
Blue lace skirt: Francesca's
Boots: Target
Feather earrings: Boutique in Waco, TX
I don't know if they have chosen a winner yet, but it was really fun putting together an outfit either way. And I made my brother take pictures of me in the backyard - so that was a good time. Believe it or not the picture on the right was sort of an accident... I didn't mean to be "that girl" taking a non-so-chalant photo but it sort of worked out.

{For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life & peace. Romans 8:6}
This week has been so busy, and I feel like all of my sisters at the Chi as well as all the students on campus have been feeling the same busy feeling. My goal for this week has been to set my mind on the Spirit, like it calls to in Romans 8:6. 

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