Friday, November 16, 2012

Design on a whim

I really love working with typography and learning new fonts and ways to use them and have been really inspired this week to do more work with typography in order to gain more experience in that area. Because of that, I decided to work with a picture I had taken down by Clinton Lake here in Lawrence as well as some new fonts I had downloaded to make a new creation.

I love the power of the written word, and especially it's impact when it's played out in design.

Project Update
This week has had quite a few ups and downs with my project. I started out the week thinking I was right on track and for Tuesday's BDS 101 class had produced this book for my photo essay book part of the project:

I had used foam core board and covered it in fabric which in theory was a good idea, but I did not execute the idea exactly as I would have liked. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the fabric didn't make the board look professional at all and the inside folded section was way too thick to fold. Luckily, Tim announced in class our projects wouldn't be due until the following Tuesday (they were previously going to be due this last Thursday). Because of this, I was able to scrap my original idea and start off with new and better materials to use.

I purchased a board material from the Jayhawk Bookstore and used that as the base, still taking inspiration from the same design of the book as my previous idea. Instead of covering it in fabric, I designed a cover in Illustrator from inspiration from my 6"x"6 squares to then print out and apply to the board with rubber cement. I am planning on using canvas fabric to bind the inside together. I have not quite completed the process yet, but I also printed the inside book content on thinner double sided color paper so that it folds much easier than before.

One high point of the week was the outstanding photos that Anna and I were able to take of our letters for inside our books in and around Allen Fieldhouse.

While we were not able to get permission to take pictures on the actual court in time, I think the pictures inside the Booth Family Hall of Athletics turned out very well as well as the one outside the Fieldhouse. I am pleased with how these photos turned out, and am hoping my book will be executed in an excellent way to display them.

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