Monday, November 19, 2012

Intensity is over with

My third project is due tomorrow morning in BDS and although it was nice to have the deadline pushed back a little bit, I'm ready to move on from this project. I finally finished my book this last week and printed my process notebook at Jayhawk Ink today so everything is officially ready to be turned in! Which is a great feeling. Check out my work below.

Through the photos above you could probably tell that my book included a fold out poster inside in which the pictures became more intense in size as you unfolded the paper. I also used the idea of the intense angles in cropping the photos, taking the photos, and using intensely angled orange lines throughout the book. The cover even was cut with intense angles.

My process notebook was done a little bit differently this time. I decided to make it 8.5" x 8.5" to mix it up with the size a little bit and I got it "perfect bound" at Jayhawk Ink. Here are some screen shots of the book from InDesign:

This is the cover of the book in which I made the back to mirror the front cover

I am really happy with how this process notebook turned out and it caused me to want to try more "risks" like changing up the size of the book in the future. This project overall taught me a lot like the importance of trying and failing and trying and failing (which I did many times while making my photo essay book) and also the importance of using your inspiration throughout the whole design.

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