Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let there be Light

The semester is finally all wrapped up and my final project completed and turned in. Part of the project was creating a PDF process notebook with 20 photos of your light fixture. Luckily my dear friend Grace let me take photos in her adorable room in her senior house, which you can see below.

How cute is Grace's room?! I love it.
One of my favorite parts of the light fixture is how the different layers of the folds create different shades of light when the bulb inside is turned on.

One of the innovative concepts of my light is that it can be installed as a hanging fixture
 or siting on a surface as a sitting fixture.

I love this photo because I love Grace's bedspread.

I learned a lot more from this project than I thought I would. Since it was scheduled during the three weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas break, I was already checked out at many times during the project and found it hard to be inspired when I was ready for break. But once I got my concept down I really liked making the lamp (although measuring, cutting, and gluing can only happen so many times). My least favorite part was during the preliminary process when the tape and glue I was using was not working and I came back to my lamp at one point and it had completely fallen apart. My favorite part was getting to photograph the lamp in a room setting and see it completed. It all turned out ok and I ended up liking my final concept a lot more than expected. I might even hang it up in my room back home! Or set it on my dresser. Or both!

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