Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Tis the Season

Christmas break is already a week and half in and between my mom's birthday present and smash booking with friends I've already done a pretty good amount of crafting. One of my favorite parts of being home is being a night owl and crafting in the kitchen when I have it all to myself after my family members go to bed. And of course with Christmas around the corner and being in the crafting mood I wanted to make homemade tags for the presents I am wrapping. They were so easy and cheap, you should make some too!

// DIY Holiday Gift Tags
My mom always keeps old shopping bags, which came in handy for this craft. Here's a list of the supplies I used:
An old brown shopping bag, DIY feather stamp (see how to make it here), craft paint, paint brush, glitter, and spray glue.
I'll apologize at the start because I was lacking in photos for this project as the first half of the process I didn't take pictures of. But it's so simple hopefully photos aren't necessary to understand.

// Step one:
To start off I just cut the gift tags out of an old brown paper shopping bag. It's a great way to re-use these instead of throwing them away. I also mixed red and white acrylic paint to make a hot pink and put some water in it to create a paint liquid mixture.

// Step two:
I crinkled up the cut out gift tags into a ball and dipped them into the liquid paint mixture in order to give the bag material a little color with a cool paint effect. After dipping them once into the mixture I unwrinkled them and set them on a paper towel to dry. After they were dry, I used a hole punch to make a hole on the top of the tag.

// Step three:
After these had completely dried I took the feather stamp I had made from my mug DIY and used the same process to apply the paint and then stamp it onto the tag. I also found some loose gold glitter in my craft supplies that I tried out on one tag to see if it would make them look cheesy or classy. You can see in the picture below that just the tag in the middle has glitter on it so far.

// Step four:
I liked the way the glitter looked so I used spray glue as adhesive (you could always water down Elmer's glue and paint it on the tags for the same effect) and glittered the rest of the tags. These tags were so easy to make and turned out so well!

// Step five:
I used white tissue paper to wrap the present and a twine ribbon to tie on the tag.

I can't wait to wrap the rest of my presents! Make these tags for yourself and put your own mix on it, and I promise you'll have the most creative and beautifully wrapped presents at your Christmas gathering.

// Merry Christmas!

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