Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Photo Story

This morning in class I turned in my final photo collage mounted on foam core board and I am more than pleased with how my final critique went. I knew how much I loved the collage and the story behind it, but my teacher and fellow classmates could have easily disagreed.

// Behind the Collage
The idea for this work came from the reality of the busy college student. While I myself feel as I am continually balancing many different assignments, tests, e-mails, meals, etc. the same vibe definitely bounces through buildings on campus such as the library, Chi O, and probably any academic building on campus. College students lead busy lives, and this is exactly the idea I wanted to portray through the collage. The setting was in a study room at Chi Omega which luckily included a beautiful chandelier, window pan view, nice chairs, and my good friend Sarah was willing to pose for me whenever I needed to take photos. While it looks like Sarah is sitting at a large conference table, that is actually just an illusion through the collage. It's just a mid size circle study table, but the large one in the collage is one of my favorite parts of the work that I did not originally intend on. While I could go on for hours about different aspects of the collage, I'll leave the rest up to you and your imagination.

// Process Notebook
One of my favorite parts of every project is making the Process Notebook. Hence, why I'm a graphic design major. While it's very time consuming (perhaps a love/hate relationship... mostly love) I always enjoy the process. I've been experimenting with size in my process notebooks and with this one I wanted to mimic the size of Teen Vogue, as I have always been a fan of that convenient size (6.75" x 9"). Below I'll share a photo of the front cover and click it to download a PDF version of my approx. 30 page book. You won't regret it.

//Note: Once you click the photo, it should bring you to a screen that says "No Preview Available"
because the file is too big but just click "Download anyways". Then it will say the file is too big to
scan for virus', but click "Download" and you should be good to go. Also, you have to be logged into
a google account to view the PDF.

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