Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Wooden Vessel

As soon as we turned in our photo project we started onto the next one, a wooden box. We were suppose to choose a small object that has special meaning to us to make a box for it to be held in. The box has to be 4 to 8 inches long or wide, so the object can't be very big in size and we have to bring it to studio every day. We've been sketching and designing with foam core to brainstorm options.

foam core brainstorming
We were told to stack the foam core and cut it as we would with the band saw when we were working with the actual wood. I had already narrowed down my item to a Jayhawk pin my grandma gave me out of my three options: Jayhawk pin, Chi Omega necklace, and my ring. Below you can see three of my foam core box ideas.

During class when I brought my three foam core ideas, a fellow classmate thought of placing my hill idea on top of my third box idea to create all one box. 

With the snow days we have had canceling two of our studio days, we have been a little behind schedule. I have glued my wood together but I have yet to start cutting the wood and am still working on cutting out my foam core.

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