Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Style

Spring break was just last week and I headed west with my friend Kaitlyn to the great state of California. While our trip started out colder than expected, that beautiful Cali weather finally showed up about three days in and I was able to break out some of my favorite spring and summer attire. Check out some of my favorite current trends below.

// High waisted & distressed shorts.
You can see the ones I'm  wearing in the picture
below too, but I loved wearing all of my DIY shorts in Cali.
(I made those shorts from $4 shorts from Goodwill!
Distressing shorts is so easy, I'll probably make a million pairs for the summer.
I even added my own studs on the front pockets.)

// Rounded sunglass frames.
I ordered these from for spring break.

// Hair wraps.
Kaitlyn and I both have these hair wraps from Free People.
I was so excited to rock mine over spring break!
// white Converse.
One of my recent trend obsessions is white low top Converse.
They seem to be more popular these days in Kansas and Kaitlyn
let me borrow her pair in Cali. I have got to order some of my own soon.

// crocheted shorts.
I bought the cream crochet shorts seen here while shopping in Cali.
They go with so many things - I'm so glad the weather is finally warming
up here in Kansas so I can wear my new shorts ASAP. (Also pictured here,
the sunglasses and hair wrap from above).

California is my new favorite place to be and I can't wait until I go back!

// Musical Musings.
While in Cali, Kaitlyn and I went to the Imagine Dragons concert. They were absolutely amazing live, so you should check out their tour schedule and see if they're coming to a city near you! If you've never heard their music I'd recommend the songs Demons, Tip Toe, and On Top of the World. Those are three of my favorites. 

// Imagine Dragons.

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