Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

Yesterday was one of those great days where I realized I had to re-do most of my project. Maybe wood shop isn't really my thing, because when I first cut out my box the top and bottom did not match up because I cut it wrong. I've learned a lot about the wood shop and the band saw, as I have no previous experience. So I'm looking at all of it as a learning opportunity. Because if there's one thing I've learned in BDS this year it's that failing isn't always a bad thing and I'll probably end up with a better result because of it. The photos below document my process of cutting out the foam core model with the band saw as well as some wood practice.

I used some extra wood to practice using the bandsaw.

Practicing using the band saw with my foam core model.

Finished foam core model. Cut with the band saw & glued with spray glue.

The beginning of attempt #1: after gluing the wood together I cut it in half and
 then spray glued the "pattern" of my box on the wood to cut with the band saw.

After figuring out that the wave of the bottom half was too dramatic to perfectly cut
with the band saw, I tried to save it by cutting a piece from the top section and
 re-gluing it to the bottom. It ended up not working out, but it was worth a shot.

This wooden box is due next Tuesday, so tomorrow studio will consist of me attempting to finish cutting out the box and then I can sand my life away this weekend. Spring break can't come soon enough. :)

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