Monday, March 25, 2013

Design & Etc.

I realized after getting back from spring break that I never posted about my final box. The two weeks before spring break were a total whirlwind, without much sleep, so it must have just slipped by me. Here are some photos of the completed wooden box:

As I mentioned before, this box was created to hold KU jewelry my grandma had given me that she didn't want anymore. It was fun creating a box that had so much meaning to me, just because it holds items that my grandmother gave to me. I love that.

One of my more recent designs for Chi Omega was for a poster promoting our spring philanthropy for Make A Wish. We are hosting a sand volleyball tournament called "Hoot Set Spike".

I based the poster off of the tank top design I made, which includes the owl volley ball on it that you see top right of the poster. I'll post pictures of the tanks once they are ready to order. 

Another design I'm really excited about is my v-neck shirt design for mom's weekend for Chi Omega:

Spring break went by way too fast, as I was in California, and coming back to the snow seemed way too harsh. I'm ready to finish the semester strong, and excited about design opportunities this summer. Stay tuned for more design and inspiration.

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