Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Experimental DIY

Pinterest always brings along some pretty great crafting ideas and so of course when I saw this shirt pinned I challenged myself to replicate it:

// inspiration from Pinterest
I loved the top immediately and the flowy bottom reminded me of a shirt I own that I don't wear very often, so after purchasing a denim vest for less than $5 from Goodwill I had all the materials I needed to make one myself. I did a poor job of documenting the process through pictures, because I basically just guessed the steps along the way and hoped it would all turn out, which it ended up turning out great! Each cut I made I was worried something would go horribly wrong, but it turned out better than expected.

I used extra denim from the vest to cut out the pockets and recycled studs from a belt I had to attach to the upper seam of each pocket. While the above picture doesn't have exact step-by-step directions if you have sewn tops or dresses before I'm sure if yours would turn out just as well as I did if you give it a try.

// Happy Wednesday!

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