Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just smashing.

I recently finished my first ever Smash Book. The best way I can describe smash books is that they are a mix between a journal and a scrapbook. Check out the company's site here. You can purchase one online, at Michael's, or at Target. I absolutely love "smashing" and I would suggest it for anyone, even the non-crafty because the book itself makes it artsy on its own with the decorative pages and eclectic accessories you can buy. The theme of my smash book was my freshman year of college, but some people do trips, summers, etc. Enjoy some of my favorite layouts from mine, and I hope it inspires you for some design of your own.

//Tip: Mod Podge a statement picture or magazine clipping to the front to define a theme. My choice: the first (and my favorite) KU Jayhawk to represent my first year at KU.

//Tip: Hot glue stickers, buttons, paper cut outs to the top of paper clips to make fun page dividers. (See my owl one top right of this page).
//Tip: the best part of a smash book is the personal touches. Save your ticket stubs, parking permits, name tags, notes, etc. because looking back they will make your memories that much more special.
//Tip: I started using envelopes as my hand-made smash pockets.
//Tip: save old magazines to create cutout details. On this page, I used the magazine clippings to make a title on the top left page.
//Tip: mini clothespins and string come in handy, especially when artistically displaying lots of notes.
//Tip: not every layout has to be overcrowded. a lot of times less is more.
//Tip: buy a set of stamps with all of the letters of the alphabet to create personalized titles for each page. Also: make pictures into pockets! (bottom right page)
I had an amazing first year of college and I'm so happy I took the time to display it all in this book. I'm sure I'll be looking back and laughing at all the fun memories years to come. Start your own smash book.. you won't regret it!

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