Friday, January 18, 2013

Party like the Brits

My friends and I were a few of the many who stayed up till four in the morning or however late it was to watch the royal wedding a few years ago. So of course when my good friend Abbie mentioned having a baby shower for Will & Kate over break, I jumped on the idea. I mean who wouldn't want an excuse to talk in a british accent and wear a fun hat? So Abbie and I co-hosted a baby shower for Will and Kate. And for two college girls who don't have kids or have ever planned a baby shower I think we did a great job. It was a smashing affair.

I designed the invitations for the party

Abbie and I (the hosts) thought a photobooth would be a hit at the party. We designed a british backdrop (the flag decor, pillow, and framed pictures of Will & Kate) as well as designed british baby shower props to make the photobooth a little more fun.

Instead of asking guests to bring a gift, we asked everyone to bring a snack to share.

The photobooth was a hit! And the props made it extra fun.
Game #1: Guess that celebrity baby. (The photo on screen is Kate Middleton!)
Game #2: we provided cut out features of Will & Kate so our guests could piece together what the royal baby will look like. The winners of the "cutest baby" won photos of Will & Kate.
The party was so much fun! I didn't hate getting to talk in a British accent for at least two hours. And now I have some great british decor for my room... so it was a win-win situation.

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